The European
Cyber Safe Index

So much of our personal and financial information is stored on the web these days that cybersecurity is a crucial concern for almost everyone.

But which country can claim to be the most 'cyber safe'? We’ve analysed 27 EU countries on a range of factors including rates of malicious infections and online banking fraud to legislation in place to fight cybercrime.

Germany came out as the most ‘cyber safe’ European nation, scoring highly in four out of eight factors, although even they still scored lowly for some factors such as instances of malicious software.

And at the other end of the scale, Romania was among the countries with the most room for improvement, scoring worst for percentage of those at risk of malicious web attacks as well as the amount of anti-cybercrime legislation in place.


Occurrences of Cybercrime
% of Population Who Have Discovered Malicious Software on a Personal Device
% of Population Who Have Been a Victim of Online Banking Fraud
% of Population Who Have Had Their Social Media or Email Hacked
Risk of Further Cybercrime
Exposure Rank: Country's Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks
% of Users at Risk of Online Infection: Threats that originate from infected or dangerous websites
% of Users at Risk of Local Infection: From infected files or via removable media like USB drives
Commitment to Cyber Security
Country's Commitment to Tackling Cybercrime (scored out of 1)
The Number of Pieces of Anti-Cybercrime Legislation in Place in Each Country


Occurrences of Cybercrime Risk of Further Cybercrime Commitment to Cyber Security
We analysed 27 current EU member states (Malta was excluded due to a lack of data) on the following eight factors, before giving each a normalised score out of ten (ten being the best and one being the worst) before combining these for a final score out of 100. More information

Top 3 Overall

Top Score out of the Top 3



Total Score - 76.37

46% 5% 9% 9 15.7% 9.1% 0.679 7



Total Score - 73.60

26% 15% 15% 27 7.9% 5.9% 0.675 5



Total Score - 69.82

46% 14% 12% 34 5.9% 5.2% 0.617 5

Bottom 3 Overall

Bottom Score out of the Bottom 3



Total Score - 43.03

39% 9% 18% 23 24.6% 19.7% 0.585 2



Total Score - 47.89

40% 6% 14% 77 18.3% 15.6% 0.487 3



Total Score - 47.89

38% 5% 10% 60 23.7% 17.7% 0.504 3

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